CTRB Bearing Puller/Installer

UNITECH INSTRUMENTS is a leading CTRB Bearing Puller Installer Manufacturers in India. We make broad range of mobile hydraulic puller cum Installer available with many salient features. UNITECH Hydraulic Press Series UIPR-70/100 is a specially designed equipment for mounting and dismounting of cartridge type taper roller bearing (CTRB).

This unit is a jack type (horizontal) double acting electric hydraulic puller cum installer having pulling (Dismounting) force of 100 tons and installing (Mounting) force of upto 70 tons. It is incorporated with indigenous hydraulic power-pack pf 500 bars capacity with hand operated 3 position 4 way directional flow control valve.

This mobile hydraulic press can also be evocatively used for mounting and dismounting of many types of bearings and much other torque transmitting components. The power pack of the equipment operates on 3 phase-440 volts-50 cycle electric power supply. It consists of double hydraulic cylinder for mounting and dismounting of bearings. They are used for a variety of different industrial applications in different Industrial sectors.

Therefore, we are said to be topmost CTRB Bearing Puller Installer Manufacturers in India

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Product Description

UNITECH manufactures Motorized CTRB Puller cum Installer for mounting & dismounting of direct mounted components without damage or scoring to the component bore or shaft seating.



Stroke Horizontal400 mm, 10 mm
CapacityI.Pull 100 Tons
II.Installation 70 Ton
290 mm/min, 10%
II. Pull (Bearing)
70 mm/min, 10%
III. Installation (Bearing)
110 mm/min, 10%
Type Of CylinderHydraulic double acting